Croatia is very popular diving destination among the lovers of this underwater sport. There are many diving spots which will give you the great opportunity to see the amazing beauty of the underwater world of Croatia. Check out below some of the most interesting and famous of them.They will definitely make your summer vacation amazing and unforgettable.

If you visit the Istrian peninsula you will have a chance to dive to the shipwrecks of the sunken ferry called “Baron Gautsch.” An underwater mine was the reason for its sank in 1914. The upper deck of the ferry is located at 28 meters under the sea level and the bottom is at 42 meters. the view of thousands of beautiful fishes and the shape of the ferry will remain in your mind forever. Do not forget to take your underwater camera with you, because you are also going to be able to enjoy the interior of the ship, really great possibility for many the best fans of the diving.

If you visit the Cres island you will have the opportunity to dive to the sunken merchant ship Lina. The remains of the ship are really well preserved and you will also have the possibility to dive inside the the vessel. It is another great view which deserve your attention for sure. As you probably guess, the numerous colorful fishes will make your adventure even better.

Kornati islands are really attractive for many divers across the globe because of diverse marine life which can be found there. There are many great divining sites, because the water is really crystal clean and the visibility is more than 40 meters. The conditions are very rare and do not be surprised if you meet many diving fans there. You will be able to see many colorful corals, sea mushrooms and various beautiful fishes and sea creatures. It is great place for beginners, but if you are experienced diver, there is still a lot to be seen.

Many divers said that Elafiti islands are the most beautiful diving place in the world where the beautiful reef is almost vertical and more than 70 feet long. There is amazing underwater cave located about 20 meters under the sea level where you will be able to raise your adrenaline to the maximum. The beautiful fishes and the red corals are really incredible view, so it does not matter are you beginner or professionalist, Elafiti islands are the right place for you.

Although Dubrovnik is well known for its beautiful architecture and ancient history, it offers a lot of diving sites to its visitors. You can dive to the merchant ship Taranto which sank in 1943. Around the shipwreck you can also see a lot of its cargo and engine parts. The great underwater life is also very interesting and you will have a lot of chances to make some of the best pictures in your life.

By Tobias

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