Gambling addiction is a serious thing. It can actually destroy people’s lives. You have probably heard by now of people who have bet their houses, their savings, and even some other precious things just to gamble a little bit more.

So, what causes this addiction? Wanting more. When gamblers lose their deposited money, they are tempted into investing more in order to chase a win. The same thing happens when gamblers win money – they want to double the amount, which eventually leads to a huge loss.

Luckily, the awareness is huge and many organizations have been created with the sole aim of stopping the gambling addiction. Each casino operator offers a self-exclusion option for casino players that cannot control their urge for gambling more. If you’re having the same problem visit and see how you can exclude yourself from online gambling sites.

Self-Exclude From Gambling Sites

What Is a Self-Exclusion Process?

First of all, in order to make the decision to self-exclude, you have to be aware of your gambling problem. If you’re spending more than your gambling budget, you are developing an addiction. This is when you should react. If you cannot decide for yourself whether you have a problem or not, you can contact GamCare. In fact, the definition of self-exclusion is to voluntarily request your gambling provider to forbid you to access any of their services. So, when you want to self-exclude yourself from a casino, you should contact the operator and exclude yourself for a certain length of time. Usually, the exclusion period varies from 6 months to a year, although you can request to be excluded longer.

How Does the Self-Exclusion Process Work?

Once you have successfully excluded yourself from a certain online casino, the operator is required to close your account, remove your personal details from any database and return the money you have on your casino account. This process cannot be undone once finished, meaning you cannot possibly access that casino until the requested period expires.

Moreover, you can opt to exclude yourself from all casinos that offer the same type of gambling, be it sports betting, arcades, bingo or casino gambling. As we’re interested in self-exclusion from online gambling sites, you should learn about the GAMSTOP, a multi-operator facility that includes a huge number of online casinos. When you request your self-exclusion at GAMSTOP, you will be automatically banned from all sites that offer the same gambling type. Meaning, you will singlehandedly exclude yourself from all the operators registered with GAMSTOP.  In addition, you can download the Site Blocker app that blocks your access to gambling sites.

Is the Self-Exclusion Effective in Reality?

Research done on the subject of addictions has proven that being away from your addiction for a longer period can significantly help you stay away from it longer. Just with deciding to self-exclude, you have made the first step towards your salvation, as you have acknowledged your problem and you have noticed that it has a bad influence on your life. It is also essential that you admit this problem to your friends and family, and seek professional help. Combining all of that will have a favourable psycho-social effect on you.

By Tobias

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