Dangerous jobs come in all shapes and sizes, while some choose a career of adrenaline-fueled action, other don’t have a choice.
There are many dangerous jobs in the world. For some, they don’t choose a dangerous job they just need one and are hired, sometimes overlooking the risks. For example, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world is mining.

In 2010 the Copiapó mining accident or Chilean mining accident collapsed, trapping thirty-three miners for sixty-nine days. Miraculously all the miners survived. What happened to the owners is a different matter. Accused of negligence over the mine’s safety, the owners were estimated to owe twenty million dollars in damages, including the cost of the rescue as well as severance packages. It is possible to wonder, whether the owners had, employers liability insurance and if not, would it have protected them from bankruptcy. This insurance is designed to protect employers from being sued by employees over claims of accidents in the workplace, assuming the employer is not extremely at fault.  It is important that employers just like employees have some protection to avoid being taken advantage off. Liability insurance can never be undervalued.

As there are so many costs inflicting a business, ensuring that you find cheap liability insurance that can be effective, without eliminating the prospects of a profit, is of severe importance.

There are other risks and employers may also face a situation where they may be liable to be sued. The public becomes part of the domain of a person who owns a property once they enter it. Therefore, it is important that employers cover themselves with public liability insurance. Looking at a safari in Africa, many people enter the land at their own risk despite the large amount of security and protection on hand. Filled with man-eating lions, large charging elephants and underestimated hippos, the public enter at precautions, despite the generally low risk. The same can be said for people who go paintballing or go-kart racing.

They all have to sign a contract stating that they are a certain age and do not hold the owner responsible for any accidents that may occur.

By Tobias

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