It’s time to get excited about meta-research — especially when it gives us the chance to actually change our habits for the better. You see, a lot of people assume that salt is a bad thing that’s going to end up increasing their chances of developing heart disease. However, is that really true? Is that really something that is bound to happen, or can things be different?

Meta-research is the new scientific buzzword surrounding the process of re-analyzing the studies that we’ve cherished for so long. These are the studies that doctors have used to tell us to eat less salt and to avoid saturated fats. We’ve already cracked the saturated fat myth, so why not start talking about the war on salt in a little more detail?

Simply put, we really need to end the war on salt. This is because the current study of seven time-honored studies from the American Journal of Hypertension discovered that there’s no real link between reducing your salt intake and reducing the risks of heart attacks, strokes, or death in people with normal or even high blood pressure.

The reason why we need to give up the war on salt is because it’s keeping us from enjoying our food in a flavorful way. Salt can add flavor without adding things that are destructive to the body, like carbs, starches, and sugars. In fact, more and more evidence is arising that it’s the carbs that we ingest that ultimately determine the type of health we’re going to have overall.

So don’t let anyone take away your salt shaker or push you towards lower sodium food – these are foods that are highly processed and ripe with unnecessary chemicals that really do have a strong link to poorer health — why would you want to walk down that direction? We’d rather have the salt, please!

By Tobias

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