It’s said that the spring is the best time to have a wedding, but that’s only true if you’re both a fan of nice weather and you happen to own your own wedding supply store. The truth of the matter is that weddings in the springtime are expensive. It’s prime real estate when you’re talking about wedding venues, because everyone wants to take advantage of the nice weather. In fact, another point to keep ink mind is that when you call around asking about prices, chances are pretty good that the price will go up if you mention that it’s for a wedding reception or even the actual ceremony. If you are thinking about a wedding dress, anything that’s specifically marketed as a wedding dress is going to be much more expensive than a simple white dress.

A lot of people are starting to wonder if they really need to go out and buy all of the expensive wedding things, or if they can just opt out of that type of spending. It’s a valid question, and definitely something that needs to be addressed — we decided to cover some of the high points for you.

First and foremost, you have to understand that it’s really not about a wedding in the purest sense — it’s about simply being with the person that you want to be with. No matter how much or how little you spend on the wedding, you’re essentially going to come out the same — married. You will have that person for the rest of your life, and everything will flow smoothly. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that you have to spend a lot of money to be noticed, or to have people remember your wedding. Far too often, it’s actually the wedding ceremonies that were heartfelt without being pricey that actually get remembered by friend sand family. After all, how many times do you think you’ll remember that every table was covered in pricey orchid flowers compared to how many times you’ll remember the beautiful photos that your photo-snapping aunt took? What about the video that your uncle took because it finally gave him a chance to use that camcorder? It’s about creating the right experience.

When you think about a marriage, you want to also think about making sure that you’re walking into a marriage with the person you love from a place of power. Having power means having free money to do what you really want to do. There’s no sense to spend a lot of money on one day when you have the rest of your lives with the person that really matters to you, right?

If you really focus on things in a positive way, you’ll find that your wallet can definitely handle wedding season.

When you’re ready to start planning, you need to make it a discussion and not a dictatorship. Indeed, if you act like the only way to go is to do what you say, and then you’re already building resentment and setting a bad example for the rest of the marriage. The relationship needs to be a partnership from start to finish; no matter what you think should be done.

Start building on what you both want to do — if you want a simple wedding, there’s nothing wrong with that. It will actually give you a lot more money to start the rest of your life with — which is the best gift that anyone could possibly give you!

By Tobias

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