A novel way of enhancing the look and feel of a room is through the use of curtain poles. These are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and lengths and no matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find curtain poles to suit your home.

One dilemma many people face is which curtain poles to choose. Not only are there many styles from which to choose, but materials vary too, with the most popular choices being either wood or metal. Once the homeowner has chosen this, they are then faced with a number of different styles and finishes too.

People wishing to fit metal curtain poles will find a huge range of choice when it comes to both colour and finish. Generally, the most popular metal curtain poles tend to be made from copper, brass stainless steel and black nickel. Wooden curtain poles, on the other hand, are also available in many styles, but can usually be split into two types. This is usually determined by their finish as they can either be left with their natural, classic style, or can have a finish applied to give a different colour appearance. Popular choices of wood include pine, oak, beech and mahogany.

The choice between wooden and metal curtain poles totally depends on what the homeowners wants to get out of their décor. Those striving for a more vintage look may be better choosing a wooden pole, whilst people who prefer a more modern, shiny look would probably be more suited to a metal pole. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of both choices.

Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden poles, such as those made from walnut or oak wood, can really help give a room a more classic, romantic feel and add some real character. What’s more, they are more likely to support the weight of heftier curtains than plastic poles would. Also, for those homeowners with one eye on the environment, wooden poles are obviously biodegradable.

Despite these advantages, there are also a few setbacks to having wooden curtain poles in the home. Although they are able to hold more weighty curtains than plastic poles, particularly heavy curtain may cause the pole to buckle and snap. In addition to this, wood is easily scratched and re-varnishing it can prove to be a real hassle as they can be rather heavy to remove.

Metal Curtain Poles

A more contemporary, modern look can be achieved through the use of metal curtain poles. These are even more durable than wooden curtain poles and can handle the heaviest of curtains. As well as being sturdy, they are also extremely durable despite being lightweight. This makes them much easier to replace. Finally, metal is a particularly malleable material, which allows the poles to be manipulated into the perfect shape for your home.

Like wooden curtain poles however, metal also has a number of disadvantages. One such disadvantage is the fact that metal can look harsh in some rooms and not fit in with the exiting décor style, with wood being easier to match up. Another problem comes with wrought iron curtain poles, which can be susceptible to rust over time. This is particularly problematic in rooms which are known to rust, and it is important to determine whether it will be exposed to these elements before fitting them.

No matters what your preferences are, you can find a curtain pole to suit your needs if you look hard enough.

By Tobias

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