If you think that just going to college again is going to mean that you finally get the “good job” that you’ve always wanted, it’s time to rethink your perspective on life. We’re not trying to be rude here, but you have to get strategic if you really want to get the good job that you truly desire. The best way to go is to start by looking at the top online degrees that employers are actually hiring right now.

Just because you’re going to pursue an online degree doesn’t mean that employers are going to blow you off. Today’s employers really realize that going to a traditional college just isn’t in the cards for a lot of really intelligent and driven individuals. It’s hard to work it into a regular schedule, which means that if you don’t consider online colleges you’ll end up being unable to compete in the game at all.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, why not check out the first degree — accounting. This is a program that is actually rather straightforward to get online, because you can take it completely online. There might be some exams where you might have to go a testing center, but for the most part you don’t need to do much else but stay online and stay committed. It’s going to be an accelerated class that moves quickly, but if you already have a head for numbers, this is definitely a great degree that is in high demand — especially now that the economy is so uncertain.

Another degree that is definitely coming into demand is business administration and management. Every good team needs a good leader, and you can be that leader. You just need to get the credibility factors on your side for the best results around. This is another degree that’s pretty straightforward to get online — there’s no clinical to worry about.

The final degree that you’ll definitely find in high demand isn’t actually one specific degree but a whole cluster — allied health. Indeed, anything from nursing all the way up to patient administration will help you really take the world of health care by storm. This is a field where education definitely counts.

Overall, these three degrees are a good starting point for anyone that wants not only a good job for the short term, but truly a long term career that they can be proud of!

By Tobias

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