So You Want to Build a Business – Here’s How To Get Started

If you ask most people what their ultimate dream is, they’re usually going to give you two different answers: they want to own their own home, and they want to run a business. Usually people start a business so that they have the money to buy their own home and then some. You can definitely increase your quality of life with a business, but a business can also become one of the hardest things that you’ve ever done in your life.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to start a business. The wrong way would be to just dive in without having any idea of what you actually want to do. Far too often people are in a financial crunch and they think that running a business would be better money as well as more freedom. You have to understand that once you quit your job, you’re the boss and that means that everything is essentially your responsibility. You get to scoop up a hundred percent of the praise, but you also get stuck with one hundred percent of the blame too. That’s a point that a lot of would-be business owners skip over.

Before you do anything else, you should make sure that you actually start a business plan. This might not be a formal business plan, but any planning that you can do before the big leap is definitely a good thing. Figure out what products and/or services you can offer to the audience of your choice. You might even need to look around at your competition to see what they’re offering and how you can get into the same field s them. Reaching out and building a network professionally is a good way to see what will be involved as you make the switch to entrepreneurial life.

Getting a great mentor can help you sidestep a lot of issues in your company, because you won’t have to go in blind so to speak. Your mentor should be someone that is already running a business, or retired after running a business. Someone that’s coming up alongside you can be good to bounce ideas off of, but they shouldn’t be your main teacher — in fact, they might be making the same mistakes as you!

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to give yourself enough time and enough savings to enter the business world on your terms rather than having to make moves out of desperation — that’s the best way to get started!

Don’t Let Software Costs Eat Up Profits – Switch To Good Software Asset Management Instead!

Are you thinking about profits and your business? If you are, don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone in this at all. There are a lot of business owners that are thinking about their profits and wondering if they could be higher. Well, one area that often brings profits down is expenses, naturally. If you are spending too much on certain aspects of your overhead, then you’re going to be losing profits …sometimes, without even realizing it!

Isn’t there a better way to save money and therefore raise profits at the same time? Of course there is. If you’re in a business where you are depending on computer technology in order to get things done, then you’re definitely going to need to implement software asset management.

This is a proven method of saving money, because you will not just be out purchasing software blindly. You will need a plan in place to curb costs, but that’s not like it has to be difficult to implement.

The best way to get your plan done with is to get targeted software asset management services that will make most of these issues as effortless and streamlined as possible. Organization of the process is going to be absolutely critical when you know that you need to make changes. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself not being able to do anything with any type of speed. This will lead to a lot of breakdowns in communication down the road.

Most business owners that have deployed software asset management solutions have actually discovered that going down this path reduces their software expenses dramatically. Software usage reports let the IT personnel immediately figure out what applications that are actually redundant and therefore targets for removal. Why pay for software licenses that are not going to lead to higher company productivity as a whole?

Software asset management is still going to take time and dedication, as at least until you get used to the format and workflow requirements.

Making these changes in your company is also going to take some time, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking the time to actually implement the changes. Over time, your software asset management plan will truly pay for itself, but you have to remain patient! Good luck out there!

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Debt Management Consolidation

How do you rate yourself as a money manager? Are you able to allot funds for all your outgoing expenses efficiently, or do you often have problems working on your monthly budget? In an economy which relies mostly on a credit system, it is quite easy to fall into a debt trap wherein you are acquiring more debts than what you can actually pay. When this happens, most people fail to pay at least the minimum amount on their credit card bills. The account may go into collections status, they might receive harassing phone calls from creditors, and some may even just give up then allow their accounts to go delinquent.

When you are dealing with mounting debt, do not lose hope because there are several alternatives that you can opt for, short of filing for bankruptcy. You should always consider bankruptcy only as a very last resort. Exhaust all your other options first because bankruptcy will stay for up to ten years on your credit record, greatly diminishing your purchasing power.

Benefits of Debt Management Consolidation

One of the alternatives that you can look at in order to pay off most of your debts is debt management consolidation. There are different ways to consolidate debts, but one way is by combining several small loans and debts from different creditors into one bigger loan with one debt consolidator. This system is used far more than it ought to be, as borrowing money is not usually a great idea when you are in debt. The other way to consolidate your debts is through a debt management plan, which tends to be more effective for more people.

Debt Management Consolidation

The following section will give you an idea about how debt management consolidation works. First, here is a quick list of the benefits that you will get to enjoy through debt management consolidation:

  • No matter how many credit card accounts, store cards, loans or overdrafts on your checking account that you owe, you can combine all these into one easier to pay monthly payment.
  • With the help of a debt consolidation company, you do not have to negotiate for the consolidation of loans and lowering of monthly payments as well as interest rates; a financial expert from the company will do it for you.
  • You can reduce what you pay in interest on the several credit card accounts that you have.
  • Since the debt management consolidation company will be able to assess your overall financial picture, it can easily be determined when your debts will be fully paid.

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What To Ask Yourself Before Applying For A Payday Loan

We can plan our finances for the month as much as possible, but sometimes unexpected expenses can appear out of nowhere. Especially if these expenses come up near the end of the month or just before payday. Many people are able to borrow cash from family members or friends, but what if you don’t have  that option? Over the past few years, payday loans have become an increasingly popular choice for people all over the UK. But, what things need to be considered before taking out one of these loans from fast short term loans lenders?

How Much Do I Really Need To Borrow?

If you are considering taking out a payday loan, then it’s important to make sure that you’re only applying for the minimum amount that you need. As these loans are quick and easy to apply for, it can be tempting to apply for more than you need. However, doing this can mean you get into hot water when your repayment date comes along.

Payday Loan

Will I Be Able To Pay It Back?

One of the most important things to check before you apply for a loan, is that you will be able to afford the repayments. On payday loans online lenders, all of the repayment costs are laid out in a simply chart, which tells you exactly how much you will have to pay back. There are no hidden costs or fees to use their service as they believe in being completely transparent.

Will I Qualify?

To start your loan application, you must meet these criteria:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Employed and earning at least £500 a month
  • Be a UK Resident
  • Have a bank account with a debit card

Have I Considered All Of My Options?

Before you go ahead and apply for that loan, you should make sure that you are making the right decision for your circumstances. You should only take out a loan for emergency financial situations and only on a temporary basis. If you suffer from a long term debt problem, then it would be recommended that you seek the help of  debt management professional. If you have looked at the repayment costs and think that a payday loan is the right option for you, then why not start your loan application now?

3 Quick Points on the Income Drawdown Plan

Getting the most out of your money as retirement nears is a topic that’s getting much more attention than it used to. This makes sense, as the recovery from the global recession isn’t nearly as strong as experts had hoped for or even predicted. A sluggish economy naturally makes people fear that they’re going to have to work longer and longer, putting off retirement until they feel they’re too sick to do anything else.

But what if you had more options than at first glance? An income drawdown plan could be a great option, and it’s not something that’s discussed as often.

If you plan on paying into your pension for a longer period of time for the tax relief benefits, then an income drawdown is perfect. Your money stays invested, and you take the pension from the income that the investment fund generates for you. Since investments go up and down as time passes, it’s not without risk. You could lose a lot more than what you put into it, which is a risk that you need to think carefully about.

Income Drawdown Plan

Still, the growth potential is huge with an income drawdown plan. With everyone talking about rising costs, this is something that you need to think about.

There’s another question at stake here too: what happens after your death? What can you really count on other than having to leave your precious loved ones behind? With an income drawdown plan, there’s a chance that you can pass that money onto your loved ones after your death.

Don’t think that you’re giving up the annuity portion completely. If you decide that you want to get an annuity down the road, then you can buy that separately. Your income drawdown plan truly is that flexible.

Make sure that you sit down with a qualified advisor. They have plenty of time to leisurely go over your options. A no-rush environment is critical when you’re trying to figure out your future.

If you have an existing pension, you may be able to transfer it into an income drawdown plan. In addition, the regulations are always changing. Having an adviser that can help you keep up with the changes is very important.

What is Transaction Reporting?

Transaction reporting is the detailing of each major currency exchange, withdrawal, transfer or payment made by, to or through a financial institution.

Why financial reporting is necessary

Increasing regulation and legislation surrounding every financial interaction means that the British government and European Union have a pressing need to monitor financial firms with greater stringency to ensure that all of their financial practices are undertaken in line with regulations.

Transaction reporting

Under EU law, financial reporting is compulsory to ensure governing bodies and governments can monitor financial transactions for money laundering, tax evasion and other criminal offences that might be practiced within financial firms. Of course, financial firms themselves also take a strong interest in the details of their financial transaction reports. The details of such reports provide those in charge of a firm with a clear insight into its dealings, incomes, expenditures and monetary operations. Fail to provide a financial transaction report or neglect to follow its regulations and you risk committing a criminal offence that could lead to a fine, imprisonment – or both.

Who compiles transaction reports?

All MiFID eligible securities need to be reported to a Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), such as UnaVista, who will in turn report this to the relevant country’s competent authority. Data should be validated against the latest sources, so that errors on under – or over-reporting are spotted.

Who do firms send transaction reports to?

Transaction reports were previously sent to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). However, this responsibility has now moved following the division of the FSA into two separate regulatory authorities: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). Banks, credit unions, insurers, major investment firms and building societies should therefore now send their transaction reports to the PRA.

The Transaction Monitoring Unit (TMU) is responsible for the collection of transaction reports in the UK, and it is their task to monitor firms’ compliance with transaction reporting regulations. They are also tasked with the surveillance of UK markets.


When to Refinance With Low Interest Mortgage Loans

Mortgages have reached some of their lowest levels in decades, and low interest mortgage loans have created a huge, renewed interest in home refinance loans. Many homeowners who bought their home years ago have historically high interest rates on their home mortgages. However, the current interest rates are luring homeowners into a refinancing frenzy. Reducing your home mortgage interest rate by as little as one percent with a new low interest mortgage loan can decrease the amount you pay in interest each month by approximately $125.00 for a $200,000 home loan.

So, when should you refinance your home with a new low interest mortgage loan? There are several factors that you should consider when deciding if a home refinance is right for you. Everyone’s situation is different, and you should consider your options carefully. There is a breakeven calculation you can use to help you determine if a home loan refinance is a smart move for you.

How Long Are You Going To Be Living There?

Most home refinances require the homeowner to pay a new origination fee of one percent of the new home loan. So, for example, if you refinance a $200,000 balance into a new low interest mortgage loan, you would have to pay one percent of that amount, or $2,000, to the bank for that new loan. This may not be as big of a deal as you may think if you are greatly reducing the interest rate of your mortgage. If you are saving $125 every month or $1,500 in savings every year, you can recoup that fee in less than two years. So, that becomes your breakeven point. You would most likely want to ensure that you will be in your home and not move (in this example for two years or longer) in order to make your new low interest mortgage loan pay for itself in cost savings.

Have You Been In Your Home A Long Time?

Another factor that you may want to take into consideration is how long you have lived in your home. In order to qualify for a refinance from one of the low interest mortgage loans that are now available, you typically have to have significant equity built up in your home. This is especially true if you are trying to receive a cash-out home refinance. One of the general rules of thumb that many mortgage lenders use when determining customers’ qualifications is that you can typically only borrow up to 80% of your home’s value. This percentage is called the loan-to-value ratio or LTV and can be a critical metric that lenders use to determine whether you qualify for a home refinance.

Lenders Typically Require an Appraisal

Your home has to have a current appraisal in most cases in order to qualify to refinance your home loan with a low interest mortgage loan. This has especially true in today’s housing market which has seen dramatic changes in home values across the country. You have to show that your home is worth more than the amount you request to borrow during a refinance, and it has to represent its current value in today’s real estate market.

A home refinance loan can be an excellent option for homeowners who have been in their homes for a while and plan to stay a little longer. With a refinance, homeowners can benefit from the cost savings of low interest mortgage loans that are currently available. In many cases, the interest rates on home loans have not been cheaper in decades.

Top Three Reasons for Considering a Short Term Loan

A short term loan usually lends money for a few weeks or possibly a few months. Some people would consider that they are not worth having because they are expensive. However, there are people who find them extremely beneficial.

Probably the top reason for getting a short term loan is for someone who has a bad credit record. Often people who have a bad credit record do not have access to credit cards or overdrafts. This means that if they need money quickly they do not have a way of getting any. A lender who organises short term loans does not always do a credit check which means that it is possible to borrow money even if you do not have a credit record that is good enough to borrow through other means.

Often a short term loan can be arranged very quickly. It can sometimes only take a few hours to organise a short term loan. This means that if money is needed extremely quickly this can be the best option. It is not usually easy to get a loan and you may need to wait for credit checks and other documents to be looked at. With some short term loans, it is possible to apply online and this will speed up the process. They can sometimes even be arranged outside of banking hours.

Short Term Loan

Some people do not like the idea of being in debt for long. With a short term loan the money is often just leant for a few weeks and has to all be paid back in full at that point. This means that the debt will normally not last longer than a month. This is very appealing to people who do not want to be lumbered with a long term debt or who think that it is very important to get their loans paid back on time, as they will be forced to pay it back as the money is taken straight form the bank account. With an overdraft or credit card there is no formal repayment schedule and so the debt can hang around for a long time.

Short term loans may be more expensive than some other forms of lending but they are available to those with a bad credit record, fast to arrange and quick to pay off which means that they can appeal to some people. They are offered by many companies including short term loans 60 and it is worth comparing costs to see which is the cheapest and whether they have the advantages that you are looking for in a short term lender. Remember to check out the fees as well as the interest and always be confident that you will be able to pay the loan back on time or else there are additional fees.

Using a credit card responsibly

A credit card is a powerful tool. It can offer you convenience and ease. In our world these days, many things just aren’t possible without one – buying online or renting a car, for example. They are a great tool, but they can get you in a lot of trouble if you don’t use them responsibly. They can quickly get out of control and cause you problems. They have high interest rates which can add up and bury you in debt. In the majority of personal bankruptcies, credit cards have played a major role. Here are 7 tips you can use to avoid getting in trouble with your credit cards:

Don’t follow their payment rules. Credit cards companies have minimum payments. If you only pay the minimum payments, you will be paying forever. It would take you 44 years to pay off a $4,500 balance using just the minimum payment each month. The minimum payment allows the interest to build up very quickly, too. That same $4,500 balance on a typical card would build up $17,000 in interest by the time you pay it off. That isn’t good. Pay as much as you can afford everything month. Hopefully, that will mean much more than just the minimum payment.

credit card

Be careful of fees. Banks and credit card companies make millions of dollars every year by charging their customers fees for everything they do. Some of the fees are obvious – late payments, getting a new card, ordering another statement for your account. Those fees are obvious and you probably already avoid them whenever you can. More important, though, are the fees that you probably aren’t aware of. Some cards have a fee for balance transfers or even fees for talking to a real customer service agent instead of a computer. There might even be inactivity fees if you don’t use your card for a few months. Look over your agreement to understand what fees are associated with your card and do all that you can to avoid them.

Stop when you are in trouble. If you can’t afford to pay your minimum payment and your problems look like they are going to continue into the future, don’t keep using your card. Building up higher balances isn’t going to help anything. It is just going to cause troubles. Stop spending, look at your situation, devise a plan to get out of trouble and stick to it. Once you have everything sorted out and your finances are back under control you can start using your cards again. [Read more…]