PRINCE2 is the standard project management framework across most UK sectors and companies.  It consists of a comprehensive methodology for best practice in project management including detailed processes, documentation, roles and responsibilities for managing projects.

Achieving your PRINCE2 certification is a must-have for any project manager.  First it shows you can effectively run PRINCE2 projects.  Secondly it will help your career development as PRINCE2 project management is easily transferable across a wide range of industries.  And thirdly it gives your employer peace of mind that you are able to conduct project management in accordance to established PRINCE2 industry best practice.  All PRINCE2 Practitioner certified project managers can be listed on the official register of PRINCE2 Practitioners, run by the APM Group, which is an essential badge of quality.

How should you best prepare to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam?

Before you get to PRINCE2 Practitioner you need to sit the PRINCE2 Foundation course and exam.  There are options to sit a 5 day combined PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training course but you may want to consider doing them separately.  On completion of the PRINCE2 Foundation training course you can then let all this knowledge sink in before coming back at a later date to attend the PRINCE2 Practitioner training course.

Tip #1: the PRINCE2 Practitioner course is exam prep – so stay alert!

The PRINCE2 Practitioner training course itself covers no major new methodology areas but is instead focused on the practical application of the PRINCE2 methodology to real projects management situations.  This is also going to be the focus of the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, so the training course is essential preparation for the exam.

Tip#2: know the exam format

Sounds obvious but the format is not the same as the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.  The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam lasts for 2.5 hours and is an objective-testing, multiple-choice exam.  It is also an open book exam, specifically the PRINCE2 official handbook is allowed and used in the exam.

Tip #3: examples really help your understanding

Real-life application of the PRINCE2 method is what being a PRINCE2 Practitioner is about so the exam reflects this.  Reading up on case studies and thinking about your own experiences as a project manager will help get you ready.

Tip #4: write down your key learning points

You may be out of revision and exam practice since leaving full-time education so if you recall only one thing it should be to write your own revision notes.  PRINCE2 has a lot of detail on the methodology plus there are the real-world project examples.  Writing notes on the parts of PRINCE2 that you need to remember most helps significantly in recalling them later.

Tip #5: read the manual – several times

As already mentioned the exam is open book.  But the PRINCE2 manual is large so make sure you are very familiar with where to find information relevant to specific questions.  This will stop wasted time in the exam frantically searching for the right section.
Finally, good luck!

By Tobias

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