There is still a large amount of the population struggling with the economic crisis that we are in so it can be extremely difficult finding projects to fill your leisure time. What people have to remember is that there are inexpensive projects out there that are also rewarding and a great family activity. So with all the doom and gloom and useful tips and guides this article has useful tips and guides with a difference.

Forgetting your daily struggles can be difficult which is why finding a project that will allow you to distress is of high importance and something that many do not become involved in. With summer only around the corner many people are getting into the garden and trying to spruce up their outdoor areas. Gardens tend to be forgotten over the winter and a rise in demand for garden features and focal points is evident. Most people look for a feature in the garden whether it is a water fountain, an impressive display of flowers, a garden structure or the next step up a Jacuzzi or swimming pool. Most are quite expensive and for those who can afford it then it is a lovely luxury to have but you don’t have to spend £££’s to create a focal point within your garden.

A garden top roof seems to be a popular addition to many homes and it is a simple and inexpensive way of regenerating your garden sheds and transforming them in to a garden feature. A lick of paint is another useful way to add some inspiration to your garden as it will take a dull normal storage area in to a bright and modern focal point.

A roof top garden is certainly different from the norm and an immediate head turner so if you are somebody that appreciates a unique style or want to create a garden area that will get people talking then my advice is to create a magnificent roof top garden on your shed. There are many looks that you can create including an energetic feel with a bright red colour and an extravagant floral design whilst a beige colour will add a tranquil and peaceful garden design. This project really allows you to put your stamp on things and will bring out the creativity of not just you but family members as well. A tub of paint may cost £10 including brushes making this a simple and inexpensive garden activity and way of transforming your garden positively. A roof garden is a much longer term project but equally can be designed from scrap wood and materials; they don’t have to be purchased.

No matter what you’re current situation there are projects that you can do for little money and will offer you a great way to forget about your daily struggles even if only for a short period of time.

By Tobias

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