In the present harsh financial climate, finding jobs within the UK can be somewhat challenging for the uninitiated individual. Before setting out on this task, particularly if you are an immigrant from either within or outside the European Union, make sure you have the appropriate authorisation and paperwork to permit you to work within the UK.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

This document is an essential tool when seeking a job. Normally around two A4 pages in length, it lists your contact details, previous job experience and employment history, qualifications and most important, the reasons why a potential employer should engage you. The wording of this last section can make the difference between standing out to a future employer or being placed in the “also ran” pile. It is often a worthwhile investment to employ a professional service to create your personal CV.


Situated in all towns throughout the UK, these establishments are government run. An applicant registers their details with a Jobcentre office thus enabling that office to search through available job vacancies, matching those that fit the expertise and qualifications of the applicant. It is then usually left with applicant to apply direct with the advertiser, in an endeavour to gain an interview and possible employment with that advertiser. Jobcentres primarily, although not exclusively, deal with vacancies for manual and basic office jobs and are an ideal place to start, particularly for those with limited experience or qualifications.

Newspapers and Internet

It is worth pointing out that Jobcentres make available current local and national newspapers as well as internet facilities. All newspapers have a “Jobs Vacant” section and a search through this will reveal what available jobs meet the applicant’s criteria along with application details. The internet allows access not only to Job Vacant sites for any location within the UK but also access to the websites of potential employers who advertise jobs. This enables any applicant to research an employer prior to attending an interview.

Recruitment Agencies.

You should always remember that these agencies only get paid when they fill a job vacancy. It is therefore in their interests to ensure the applicant meets any specific job requirements and succeeds at an interview. As well as being able to offer a wide selection of job vacancies, they will also assist in completing application forms and offer training advice in how to succeed when attending an interview.

By Tobias

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